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Aqovia is an international digital solutions specialist, combining elite and cutting edge technologies to provide sophisticated, bespoke transformation solutions to the public and private sectors.
Founded in 2008 as a joint venture with Cable and Wireless, Aqovia has grown to be a leader in the digital solutions space. We use our extensive experience and proven track record in Business Transformation, Systems Integration and Software Development to deliver long-term, innovative solutions spanning telecoms, technology, media, education and finance.

Our clients range from small to medium organisations and government departments, through to multi-billion dollar brands, all based across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Whether you are looking for applications for artificial intelligence, machinelearning, predictive maintenance, smart content, adaptive learning, dashboards, portals, workflow management or cloud solutions, Aqovia can collaborate with you to create the most effective, long-term solution to help your business grow.


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