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We work to advance inclusive, sustainable cities. For us, this means turning today’s urban problems into localized solutions. Through community-based project development, research, communication, publications, events, experiences and workshops, we seek to empower and support urban communities to drive innovation in city life, policy and practice. Aiming to integrate our work into urban economy and ecology for the long-term, we also operate as an incubator for self-initiated enterprises.



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Internship opportunity! CITIES Foundation is recruiting!

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There is extreme value in plastic, glass, paper, and textiles. This value is obliterated when we throw these materials away, however it is boosted when we recycle it. WASTED has made tremendous strides in transforming the way people perceive and level to which people recycle plastic. We are giving plastic new value, and in turn catalyzing a shift toward more sustainable cities.

Now, we are expanding to paper, glass, and textiles, in addition to plastic. We are currently putting the most of our attention on activating the community to join WASTED and become either our WASTED Neighbor or WASTED Rewarder. That said, we are active in various local neighborhood events, festivals, debates, and presentations, and we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic urban leaders to join this exciting endeavor.

On our Urban Activation team, you’ll join us (CITIES and WASTED) in blazing new trails towards tomorrow’s circular, social and sustainable cities.

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