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CivilCops is a social intelligence organization empowering businesses to be more accessible, efficient and effective in digital service delivery.

We are bridging the data and knowledge gap between businesses and their clients by establishing seamless communication medium for personalized engagement and a management platform for businesses to increase service responsiveness, understand the needs and wants of the customers and leverage data to shape services accordingly.

CivilCops provides Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots and voice interfaces integrated over multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Text SMS, hardware kiosks etc. to engage the customers in providing feedback/suggestions and reporting complaints/grievances they are facing. Hence, bringing them more value and creating a new kind of digital service approach. The AI enabled personalized conversation helps the businesses in identifying customer segments and catering to the specific needs of each segment.

For the businesses to take faster and better decisions, improve workforce efficiency, evaluate the impact of existing services/initiatives and accordingly make changes by keeping the consumers in the loop, CivilCops provides Management System. The platform consolidates customer data, streamlines requests and workflows with automation and leverages data to get actionable insights, define priorities and make decisions that improve customer experience.



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