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Citizens are empowered to find solutions collaboratively with decision-makers in government, companies, and non-profits. Civocracy facilitates discussion, decision-making and action for direct impact in communities. We believe in the power of technology to bridge the current communication gaps between stakeholders and to spur citizens into action.



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Leonie Kok-Tiddens, country manager Nederland at Civocracy, posted

Civocracy’s third round is live on Leapfunder!

Getting in touch, communicating & collaborating with your authorities is problematic. Civocracy bridges the gap between stakeholders to solve problems.
Give feedback, connect to others in your community, finally have a say in all daily life decisions - giving ideas & feedback - from economic policy to urban design. 8 local governments on board in 1 year! Join us!

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Leonie Kok-Tiddens, country manager Nederland at Civocracy, posted

Successful citizen participation in Losser municipality

Losser municipality wants to develop dog policy in collaboration with its citizens. Losser used Civocracy for digital participation. During 6 weeks all citizens were able to contribute to the online discussion. Over 50 constructive comments were posted. This input will now be used in developing the dog policy.

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