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Ctrl4 Enviro is an engineering company specialized in computer vision analytics. From counting and monitoring of people in outdoor spaces to detecting cars and license plate information, we can process and provide highly accurate information for a wide range of scenarios and environments.

Our unique propositions :
- Custom made solutions
- Work with any type of images
- Operate in outdoor extreme environment
- Multiplatform integration
- Privacy respectful
- Highly accurate solutions

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Marc Zwiers, Business Developer at Ctrl4 Enviro, posted

People flow management - Barcelona Open Challenge

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The system calculates the number of people in a public place in real-time. The solution uses advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to provide highly accurate results. It is suited for outdoor / environments, and can handle high volume of people.

The solution includes the usage of thermal cameras and sensors to ensure the privacy of the people who are monitored.

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