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Since 2000 Glimworm IT has been innovating with one goal in mind- make the web fast, easy and affordable for everyone. Now we have the mobile web, smart phones, apps, big data and the Internet of things (IOT) and so we adapt, we change and grow, building new services and products that create value for ourselves our clients and the public. Weather it's an award winning app like Vistory or ParkShark, a simple Wordpress website or IOT innovations like the Heathy Life Lamp or iBeacons, we still have the same commitment- make technology work for everybody; solve big problems with simple and effective ideas and always- time and time again- make it fast, easy and affordable for everyone.



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Jonathan Carter, CTO at Glimworm, posted

Launch Amsterdam Open Beacon Network

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In co-operation with the City of Amsterdam the IoT Living Lab invites it's members to the launch of the Amsterdam Open Beacon Network an exciting new initiative to increase the number of beacons in the city which will add massive value to the IoT Living Lab. Thanks to the City we have already integrated 100 new beacons in our Open API, 100 more are coming soon and the network continues to expand throughout the cities 2700 bus and tram stops.

This launch is of particular interest to developers who wish to add hyper relevant content and proximity based interactive experiences in their apps and IoT projects.

Hosted by the City at DataLab Amsterdam the goal for this special meetup is to hear what your ideas, concepts and plans might be to use the expanding network . Think about what you could share with us and other developers for a few minutes on stage. There will also be opportunities to test the new Amsterdam Open Beacon Network API and the updated IoT Living Lab API and our new IoT Go App while enjoying a drink together to share ideas and exchange experiences in an open forum.

For more information about this this initiative check out the video thanks to our friends at Google ;

Jonathan Carter's picture Event on Sep 15th
Martin Elshout, Front-end developer at Glimworm, posted

Beacon Mile 1 year Birthday BASH!

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Celebrate one year of the Beacon Mile - bring friends and family and let's PARTY!

This is only a party - we have to focus on celebrating the first year of the Beacon Mile - no presentations no speeches.RSVP on our Meetup page

Martin Elshout's picture Event on Jul 22nd