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One of the most important challenges for smart cities and communities is working together and sharing. However, sharing smart, sustainable and scalable solutions with other cities and communities is difficult. This is where we can lend a hand.

Much has been written on smart cities and communities, and the advantages are obvious – better efficiency, lower costs, a healthy living environment and reliable infrastructures. All of this for a better quality of life.

With our work facilitated by this website, we want to inspire and empower cities and communities, and connect them all over the world. Starting with the prioritized needs of a city or community, we facilitate consortia building and intercity solution replication.

To facilitate the discussions regarding sharing smart, sustainable and scalable solutions, we focus on:

Cities’ local challenges.
Proven and implemented best practices.
Ecosystem formation.

More information can be found at ‘What We Do'.

Institute for Future of Living serves as a cities’ needs-and-solutions-sharing-platform for cities.



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