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Mobypark is an Amsterdam based online parking booking platform that connects drivers with businesses and individuals to book unused parking spaces, providing sustainable, cost-effective, and convenient parking solutions in cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, and Paris.


Mobypark is the online parking booking platform that connects drivers with businesses and individuals to book unused parking spaces. Mobypark provides more sustainable, cost-effective, and convenient parking solutions in some of Europe's busiest cities, including Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

With its easy-to-use booking platform, Mobypark helps parking space owners monetise their unused parking spaces in a secure way, while also providing drivers with an efficient and affordable parking alternative that helps reduce congestion due to search traffic and takes cars off the street in Amsterdam and other cities around Europe.

Using private parking spaces that are sitting empty, means cities like Amsterdam can create more green spaces rather than parking spots.

Travellers and locals alike can use Mobypark to find parking spaces at hotels, businesses, and even private individuals. Often for the medium term - a day to a month - but shorter or longer is also possible. Mobypark stands for easy, affordable, and flexible parking for users and as little hassle as possible for providers.

Mobypark is based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where it’s the largest parking booking platform. Besides The Netherlands, Mobypark is mainly active in France, Belgium, and the DACH region, but also has activities in other European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Ireland.


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Jose M. Rodrigo, CMO at Mobypark, posted

Exploring Smart Parking Solutions in Amsterdam: The Role of Mobypark in Shaping Urban Efficiency

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The quest for parking in Amsterdam presents a unique set of challenges, including narrow lanes, constant vehicular flow, and strict parking policies. This iconic city, celebrated for its canal system, historical buildings, and cultural vibrancy, also faces the modern urban dilemma of parking scarcity. Amidst these challenges, Amsterdam's approach to parking, characterized by a zonal system with variable rates, mirrors its commitment to promoting sustainable urban mobility. Within the bustling heart of the city, parking fees can soar to €7.50 per hour, a pricing strategy designed to incentivize public transport and biking, cherished and eco-friendly travel methods among the locals.

Amsterdam's dynamic parking strategy also paves the way for innovative solutions like Mobypark, a platform revolutionizing parking by facilitating the rental of private parking spots. This initiative not only offers a cost-effective alternative to the traditional parking hunt but also optimizes the use of existing spaces, aligning with the city's sustainability goals.

For those seeking affordability without sacrificing convenience, Amsterdam's Park and Ride (P+R) facilities serve as a beacon. Strategically located at the city's periphery, these parking havens offer reduced rates, encouraging drivers to park their vehicles and hop on public transport to reach the city's core. This system significantly mitigates urban congestion and lowers parking costs for both tourists and daily commuters.
The allure of P+R locations is undeniable, especially when juxtaposed with the exorbitant costs of street parking. To access P+R discounts, users must integrate their parking with public transportation, highlighting the city's efforts to weave sustainability into the fabric of urban travel. Mobypark's P+R options stand out for their simplicity and affordability, offering seamless access to the city center without the usual prerequisites. Examples include:

Amsterdam's strategy to curtail on-street parking availability is a deliberate move towards fostering a more sustainable, pleasant cityscape. By endorsing alternatives like public transport, cycling, and Mobypark's innovative parking solutions, Amsterdam is making strides in reducing traffic jams, cutting down on pollution, and improving urban life quality. These initiatives are testament to Amsterdam's dedication to a sustainable future, highlighting Mobypark's pivotal role in transforming the city into a smarter, more navigable urban space.

Find a link to Mobypark here: Amsterdam parking

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Jaap Sybenga, CEO at Mobypark, posted

Call for unused storage spaces in Amsterdam

For a well known Dutch brand who's a renter on our storage space sharing platform Djeepo, we're specifically looking for easily accessible storage spaces in or near De Pijp, Amstel Station and East. If you know anyone who has a 7m2+ storage space that's (partially) empty, please let me know by e-mail:

Of course, any other unused space – from 1 to 10.000 sq.m., attic to empty office building – can also be put to use as storage space on


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