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Harvesting the kinetic energy from playgrounds and giving it back to children in the form of light or sounds in order to motivate them to play more.



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Alexandra Masleva, Business Developer at Playground Energy LTD., posted

Invitation for Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven-Smart Energy Playground

Dear All,

I would like to invite you to our Smart Playground Installation in Gemeente Eindhoven on the Dutch Design Week (21-29 October)
There will be an installation of playground equipment which transforms the kinetic energy into light and Bluetooth control of a Mobile app, where the kids collect points according to the produced energy. Also a smart Street Fitness will show you how by working out on your Skywalk you could observe Augmented Reality in Google Street View.

Feel free to join us for a coffee on our Solar Lighting Benches :))
If you'd like to meet, drop me a line to

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Alexandra Masleva, Business Developer at Playground Energy LTD., posted

Playground Installation Responsible in Gemeente Amsterdam

Recently, we submitted a project for Green Energy Playground for The Whole Family in Amsterdam:
It is a ready-to-implement project. And we are fully prepared to deliver the solution once we receive an approval.
In this regard, we are looking for a responsible person in Gemeente Amsterdam who deals with the installation of new playgrounds, and the equipment of public spaces.
I would like to receive a proper feedback and to find out how to realize the project in order to give Amsterdam another innovative feature :))

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