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Energy companies are fossil
Fossil fuels are running out and CO2 emissions are leading to climate change. We are all aware of that. However, most energy companies still want to sell consumers as much (grey) energy as possible. This is outdated, if you ask us.

Generate what you consume
In 2011, DOEN Foundation, the Climate Office and the Nature and Environment Federations initiated a new kind of energy company: Qurrent. An energy organisation that helps you generate and save as much energy as possible. Making a profit from your energy usage does not fit with our idea. Our aim at Qurrent is not to maximize profits for our shareholders but that everyone generates as much Green Energy as possible.

Generating & saving energy is easy
At Qurrent, we make generating and saving energy easy. For example, we can send someone for an isolation check or we can help you with solar panels on your roof. And if your roof is not suitable, you can participate in a solar park. Another way to get involved is in a wind share through our wind farm. You can also simply choose to purchase green electricity, also coming from Dutch windmills. Like stated previously, it is very straightforward.

Again the greenest energy of The Netherlands
You can also choose to purchase green electricity & gas. The electricity comes from Dutch windmills and the gas is always CO2 compensated. For the second consecutive year running, Qurrent has been nominated for the Greenest Energy supplier in the Netherlands by Greenpeace, Consumentenbond, HIVOS, Nature & Environment, and WISE!

Join us today & make it happen
When you join us, you’re not just a customer. You are a member of our cooperative. The cooperative invests in renewable energy projects such as wind farm Hellegatsplein. The profit goes to our members and therefore, to you. And the more people who get involved, the more we can finance and grow together. So we generate more and more with each other. That's the idea behind Qurrent.



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