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SAMEEN is een studenteninitiatief dat er vanuit Groningen voor zorgt dat studenten in de vorm van bijbanen en stages een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan de energie-oplossing van de toekomst. SAMEEN verzamelt, genereert en deelt kennis omtrent duurzame- en decentrale energie en helpt energie-coöperaties, bedrijven, gemeentes en andere initiatieven door heel Nederland bij het verwezenlijken van hun ambities.



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Roos Wijker, Student at SAMEEN, posted

Looking for help in reaching managers in the business world for sustainability research for research

Hey everyone,

I am working on a study in which I have to reach at least 100 managers with decision-making power for a survey, but the more responses the better. The survey lasts only 5-10 minutes and the results will be processed completely anonymously.

The research is about the willingness of private companies to introduce targets for reducing their total emissions in line with the Paris agreement. Further explanation is indicated in the survey itself.

Do you know someone or are you a manager and do you want to help a VU student to do a meaningful research, make this survey and distribute it in your network.

You would help me enormously!


* Survey is in English

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SAMEEN Amsterdam, Project Manager at SAMEEN, posted

Need help? Then we’ve got a student for you!

Do you want to be more active in sustainability, but simply do not have the means or the necessary information? Our students can be tasked with a wide range of activities on a project basis, like marketing, legal or research projects.

SAMEEN is a cooperation that connects excellent students and businesses in order to facilitate a sustainable future. In general, businesses we work with are either already active in the field of sustainability and innovation or are looking for a way to transform into a more sustainable platform. Students can be tasked with a wide range of activities on a project basis, like marketing, legal or research projects.

Our mission is to shorten the distance between business, government and student communities to actively contribute to a more sustainable planet overall. During their studies, students are offered the opportunity to gain work experience with our support. SAMEEN allows them to build up a network and the chance to earn a little extra on the side. This is done under the supervision of SAMEEN, that guides them throughout the entire process. In their turn, businesses also receive support from our SAMEEN staff in realising their ambitions. We lighten your workload and provide an affordable solution to your sustainability issues.

Have questions or want to get in contact with us? Then don't hesitate to send an email to or take a look at our website

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