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Sanquin provides blood services in the Netherlands on a not-for-profit basis. Sanquin is the knowledge institute in the field of blood, and conducts scientific research in the fields of blood transfusion medicine and immunology, applying this knowledge to the development and production of a range of pharmaceutical and diagnostic services.

Sanquin is a knowledge-driven not-for-profit organisation that supplies life-saving products, focussing on the needs of the care sector. Through scientific research, we look for and find new solutions for medical problems in the field of transfusion medicine, haematology and immunology. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to handle the donors’ gift carefully, responsibly and effectively, and to put the patients’ safety and welfare first.



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Arne Dijkstra, posted

Video: Cooling with drinking water (Sanquin and Waternet)

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This animation shows the cooling system of Sanquin and Waternet. The system has been realized in the context of the City-zen project. An innovative cooling system has been realized which allows both Sanquin and the end-users of the drinking water to benefit from it. The project is subsidized by the European Commission by participating in the City-zen project, a consortium of multiple partners who realize innovative demonstration projects.

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Arne Dijkstra, posted

City-zen: Smart cooling

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Hot to cold, cold to hot

City-zen was an international consortium, a program stimulating learning-by-doing in Grenoble and Amsterdam between March 2014 and November 2019. The results can be found in a booklet or in detailed reports.



Smart Stories

Check the article about Smart Cooling in the blood bank featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

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