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Statebox is building a formally verified process language using robust mathematical principles to prevent errors, allow composability and ensure termination. In addition, the language is visual and allows one to inspect the flow of the program as it is executing. These properties make Statebox suitable for, among other things, distributed systems, blockchains, workflow management systems, application orchestration and system architecture.


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Emi Gheorghe, Head of Operations at Statebox, posted

The Very Blockchain Meetup

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The event is featuring speakers from academia, the hacker culture and the business world. You can expect good company, a series of compelling talks, music and food. It offers an opportunity for anyone to meet team members, advisors, partners and friends of Statebox.

Some topics addressed in the talks are related to:
- functional programming
- diagrammatic languages
- category theory
- cryptoeconomics
- the impact of the blockchain technology on society

Preliminary list of speakers:

- Josh Harvey (Lamassu: Bitcoin ATM) - Cashing in on Statebox
- Stefano Gogioso (Quantum Group, Oxford University) - What are Diagrammatic Languages
- Florian Glatz (Statebox, Bundesblock, Blockchain Embassy) - Law was Code before Code was Law
- Matthew Schutte (Holochain) - Ethical Computing and Natural Systems
- Sander Regtuijt (Guts Tickets)
- Jana Petkanic (BlockchainTalks) - Meetup Organizers of the World, Unite!
- Viktor Winschel (Oicos) - Finally: a Money Theory and a Bank for Central Banks
- Amin Rafiee - Gamification of Life

Register at

Emi Gheorghe's picture Event on Sep 15th