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The Things Network brings together startups, developers, businesses along with universities and governments in building a public Internet of Things data network.

Together with the community we are building a decentralised data network which allows things to connect to the internet without using 4G or WiFi. It is based on the technology called LoRaWAN™ which is perfect for the Internet of Things as it is low energy, long range and low bandwidth. Because the costs are very low, we do not have to rely on large telecom corporations to build such a network. Instead, we crowdsource the network and make it publicly available.

Currently, the network is operational in over 600 cities around the globe.



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Laurens Slats, Community manager at The Things Network, posted

Meetup: Build your end-to-end IoT prototype in 90 minutes

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Interested in experiencing the Internet of Things yourself?

Join us on Feb 8 and learn what the Internet of Things is really about. Starting at 7.30pm, we host a free Meetup at Rockstart (Herengracht 182). During the so-called hackerspace you can play around with technology and build an end-to-end Internet of Things prototype in just 90 minutes, using the LoRa technology. We will bring some hardware (prototyping board and sensors) for anyone to play with.

When? Wednesday February 8, 7.30pm.
More info:

No prior knowledge required.

Laurens Slats's picture Event on Feb 8th