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KAZEM AFRADI, Urban planning at Utrecht University (UU), posted

Seeking job and research opportunity in urban planning, urban devlopment and smart city

Recently I have graduated in urban planning, and I am looking for job or research opportunities in the Netherlands. Earlier I was a guest researcher at Technical University of Eindhoven (TUe) and University of California- Santa Barbara. The focus point of my interests is navigating information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their spatial effects in different urban subsystems (especially transportation and mobility, autonomous vehicles) toward Smart city, as a vision.
I would appreciate your advice if you know any opportunities in the Netherlands.

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KAZEM AFRADI, Urban planning at Utrecht University (UU), posted

PhD thesis project

I am a PhD in Urban planning. The vision of my work is facilitating the smart city. I am interested in understanding the mechanism of spatial effects that happen during time by applying ICTs in urban subsystems. By ICTs, I mean services and devices which function based on information and communication technologies. Spatial effects also refer to the changes in the activity-travel behavior, parking lots, land uses, urban sprawl, logistics sprawl, housing location choices, population density, building density, core-peripheral distribution pattern, traffic flows and land per capita.
I think now we are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Does it make
effects similar to effects which we observed after the third industrial revolution (urban sprawl, land use change, networks of highways and mass of pollution by private cars)? I believe that the synergy between robotics, nanotechnologies and the new generation of ICTs (e.g., Autonomous vehicles, navigation apps, digital
twins, internet of things and augmented reality) has the potential to make primary and secondary effects which change the current patterns and conceptions of urban planners and urban policymakers about cities.

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Estela Meraza Farfan, Master Student at Utrecht University (UU), posted

Research interviews request!

I am looking for organizers, leaders and intermediaries of hackathons, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding projects related to any ASM them. The interviews will contribute to my Master thesis (Utrecht University), which focus on results and benefits obtained through these ideation tools for Smart City planners. I would appreciate a lot your participation, it would only take 25-30 minutes. If you are interested please send me an email with your preferred date and time to e.merazafarfan@students.uu.nl

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jacqueline cramer, professor sustainable innovation, Utrecht University and ambassador Circular Economy Metropole region Amsterdam at Utrecht University (UU), posted

“Hoe kun je start-ups meenemen in de transitie naar een nieuwe circulair economie?”

Binnen de Challenge Circulaire Economie van de Amsterdam Economic Board (zie website) kunnen start-ups een rol krijgen, bijvoorbeeld in het kader van circulair inkoopbeleid en de spin-off activiteiten van hoogwaardige verwerking van grondstofstromen.

Hebben jullie andere ideeën over hoe je in zo’n programma betrokken kan zijn? We horen het graag.
Post je product en je start-up zodat we dat kunnen koppelen aan onze website. Op deze manier ontstaat er een platform voor circulaire start-ups in de metropoolregio.
Jacqueline Cramer, ambassadeur circulaire economie Metropool regio Amsterdam

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