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Petko Anchev, Associate , posted

Smart Cities and Mobility Forum

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Our cities and mobility systems are on the edge of a decisive shift. New technology is already reshaping urban life as we know it, but the end result is yet unsettled. The framework, however, is clear. Cities have more pulling power than ever, and with it a growing responsibility to provide better decision making, better understanding and protection of the environment, and ultimately better user experience to rising citizen numbers.

The best solution that we know so far is smarter cities. Structures and local governments using data from citizens, devices, and assets to manage traffic, transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and any other service for their citizens.

Many cities have begun this journey, but none have yet reached the final destination. Now is the time for conversation, connection and innovation, which will shape the future of cities and mobility systems. People are already informed and connected to everything, everywhere, all the time. Now is the time for city builders and the business to figure out what this means for the places we live and move in, and how they should respond.

Why Attend:

The annual SMART CITIES AND MOBILITY FORUM is already becoming the leading platform in SEE for the transforming mobility and urban living concepts. It is a meetup of the policy, business and citizen sectors, where you can get up to date with and explore new trends, business models and policies in urban development and mobility technology.

Key topics:

- smart city management
- green, electrical, autonomous mobility
- smart utilities
- smart and sustainable buildings and homes

Petko Anchev's picture Event on Mar 26th