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Anke Kampschreur, Managing Director at Innovation Lighthouse, posted

Looking for innovations that can help businesses in hospitality to manage occupancy and distancing

Do you have an innovation that can help limit the number of people in shared bathrooms? I.e. a real-time display, a system with indicator lights, etc.? Or an innovation that helps people at events and meetings keep 1.5m distance?
Are you just entering the market & open to testing and showcasing this innovation in a hotel in Amsterdam?
Contact me at

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Anke Kampschreur, Managing Director at Innovation Lighthouse, posted

Open call for innovators and hotel partners for our living lab

Innovation Lighthouse is launching a new living lab: "The Hotel Room as a Lighthouse for Sustainable Tourist Behaviour". In this living lab, we are testing innovations that reduce the environmental footprint of hotel rooms and encourage sustainable guest behaviour. The living lab will take place in real hotel rooms in Amsterdam with guests from all over the world.

Do you have, or know of, an innovation that either focuses on reducing energy or water use or on influencing guest behaviour? Or do you own or manage a hotel that would like to collaborate with us?

Let us know! You can contact us at or

Let's collaborate!

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