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Jochem Verheul, CEO , posted

Meet the builders: VMC + COSMOS + MOBOTIQ

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An event for everyone interested in blockchain and mobility.

Are you ready for a technical deepdive? Together with the Dutch Blockchain Week, we are organising a Meetup for people who are interested in building blockchain applications. We will share our experiences in the challenges we faced getting our implementations live and explain how to actually get applications live. Everybody is welcome. Recruiting and sales is not allowed. After the Meetup we will drink a few beers together.

Arrival: 16.00
Start of the programme: 16:30
End: 18:30
Join via:

Max Mijnheer / VMC
Max is Lead Architect at VMC. Max has been involved with VMC from the very beginning. Max will explain in depth how VMC developed the first operational implementation in public transport. Although we used many open source components, the VMC stack is developed more or less from scratch. To get this technology in the hands of actual people required lots of work and innovations. Max will share his learnings, best practises and the stories behind this implementation.

Billy Rennekamp / Cosmos
Billy Rennekamp is an artist and developer. He works on a variety of projects including Cosmos and Tendermint. In this workshop, Billy will explain how to create a functional nameservice application. In the process, you will learn the basic concepts of Cosmos and structures of the SDK.

Thomas Cocirta
Thomas is an engineer and inventor. He is the intellect behind the autonomous robotaxi company Mobotiq. With Mobotiq, Thomas has produced self driving vehicles of which many parts can be produced via 3D printers. Thomas will share his vision on how 3D printing, robots and blockchain are together changing the world of (mass)production forever.

Jochem Verheul's picture Event on Jun 5th