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ProductCamp EU Netherlands

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What is ProductCamp EU?

This is not a conference in the usual interpretation, but an informal get-together where the boundaries between participants, speakers and companies are blurred.
We gather IT industry leaders in various areas: product development, Web3, artificial intelligence and others. 
Thanks to the unique format we are able to create an incredible atmosphere for networking and professional growth.

At ProductCamp EU Netherlands more than 50 leading experts and innovators in the IT field will share their invaluable experience with you. 
This is a great opportunity to learn from the best, communicate and share experiences with like-minded professionals.

What are opportunities for startups?

We have a stage for Startup pitching where you can introduce your company to top investors and the international community of tech leaders. Attendees can interact with other participants, establish connections that can lead to opportunities for collaboration and future projects.

Why visit ProductCamp EU Netherlands?

Discover advanced strategies that will help you become a competitive in your field
Get valuable information about the latest trends and best practices in product management and development from speakers representing major companies (Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, Meta, Microsoft, Miro and many others).

Get inspired by real-life examples and success stories from leading industry experts
Establish partnerships, share experiences and explore opportunities for cooperation that can contribute to your success
Apply the acquired knowledge in interactive sessions

Once bitten twice, prices go up every week! Purchase the Conference ticket now to join at the best price until July 7th

Conference from Sep 28th to Sep 29th