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Katja Berkhout, Director International , posted

Connecting The StartupDelta, Tel Aviv

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Business & Innovation Mission “Connecting the StartupDelta”
for Corporate Venture, Startups, Scale ups, Accelerators, Regional Agencies, Investors to Tel Aviv & DLD

When: Monday 3 -Thursday 6 September 2018
Where: Tel Aviv, Israel
For: Dutch innovation ecosystem: Corporate Venture, Investors, Accelerators, Regional Innovation Agencies and start-ups/scale up companies

Main focus: DLD conference, Convoy of StartupDelta with Prince Constantijn as speaker, network event by Dutch Embassy

Organization: StartupDelta and PerspeXo, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy

Purpose of this trip is to establish meaningful connections and business relationships to the global innovation system present at/around DLD, the important players in the Israeli ecosystem and to build a strong Dutch StartupDelta brand. We will use the DLD conference, program and smaller business events around DLD to create tailor made programs to meet the demands of the individual participants and to effectively use the collective marketing/branding of the Dutch ecosystem. The participants of this Trade Mission are part of the convoy of StartupDelta, and will be part of the booklet created for DLD, pro-active assistance is given to create a tailor made program fitting individual organizations wishes. Together with the Dutch Embassy a network event will be hosted.

Katja Berkhout's picture Event from Sep 3rd to Sep 6th