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Jeske Eekelaar, Volunteer Coordinator , posted

Wanted: volunteers WeMakeThe.City

During WeMakeThe.City (20-24 juni) we will transform Amsterdam and the metropole region for five days into one big festival: more than 300 programs and more than a thousand visitors. This means there is an enormous amount of work to pull off, which would be impossible without help, because the future of the city can only be designed together. Therefore we need your support!

We are looking for:
People who would like to contribute to a better city by supporting various program parts, as hosting our speakers and visitors, help out with setting up and dismantling events, scanning tickets, runner activities and much more. Please make your strengths known so that we can put you in a position where you are most valuable.

What’s in it for you:
- An intriguing evening training in collaboration with de Vrijwilligersacademie in Pakhuis de Zwijger on how to contribute as a volunteer in making the city better
- A free Festivalpass for you and 2 friends
- Free entrance to the closing party
- A WeMakeThe.City T-shirt
- The possibility to extend your professional network

[When you work more than 6 shifts]
- A free Festivalpass for you and 4 friends
- Free entrance to ROEF on June, 22

We expect:
- A minimum availability of 3 shifts (morning, afternoon or night) during WeMakeThe.City
- Presence at one of the two evenings of training beginning of June
- Characteristics: hospitable, involved, proficient, environment-conscious

Sign up here: www.wemakethecity.volunteers

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