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Simona Sustova, Innovation Student , posted

How are technological trends influencing your job role? Share your experience!

Hello! Are you working in Computer Science and IT, Marketing and Sales, Digital media or Design? I will highly appreciate 5 minutes of your time in completing a short questionnaire on how is your job influenced by technological developments and how do you keep on learning most efficiently in an age of excessive information.

I am conducting this research as part of my Bachelor thesis on how technological trends are influencing the current digital job marketplace and shaping the skills which professionals need. The gathered data will help me in identifying patterns across job roles in the degree to which they are changing along with technology, what are the top 3 skills for the certain role and how do you engage in learning. Moreover, the research will serve me in thinking of a solution on how to help students and recent graduates in preparing for their dream job roles and the specific skills they need.
Here is the link to the form:
Thank you in advance!

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