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Your Five Favourite Reads from 2018!

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To celebrate the summer holidays, we'll provide you of some interesting reading material and for that have highlighted this year's most read articles. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a good read while you soak up the sun and sip on your favourite beverage!

Zero-waste festivals: a how-to

(Article by Kate Black, communications manager at Metabolic)

It's summer and the city is teeming with festivals, which sometimes leads to a lot of unnecessary waste. Thankfully, Green Events Nederland and Metabolic have produced a handbook on how to strategise and implement a waste-free festival. Festivals are the perfect playgrounds for testing circular design, responsible up-cycling and waste-free strategies. Interested in mapping the material flows of your festival?
(Theme: circular city)

SmartHood: the self-sufficient neighbourhood of the future

(Article by Florijn de Graaf, energy systems engineer/SmartHoods initiator at Spectral)

A SmartHood is a neighbourhood in which all food, water and energy flows are circularly connected. As a resident of a SmartHood, you sustainably generate all your electricity and heat, purify your own (sewer) water for reuse, and grow your own vegetables and fish through an aquaponics system. Because of this high degree of sustainable self-sufficiency, your ecological footprint is immediately reduced by about 40%!
(Theme: energy)

This is what Smart Mobility means to Amsterdam!

(Article by Lizann Tjon, program manager innovation at City of Amsterdam)

More and more people visit, live or work in the city and that number is expected to keep growing. Amsterdam wants to stay accessible and safe and has put into motion the Action Program Smart Mobility. It is a means through which traffic and crowds can be managed to optimise mobility. The program makes use of IoT (Internet of Things), MaaS (Mobility as a Service), autonomous vehicles, and real time insight through data. Find out how these elements help prevent dangerous situations and keep the city accessible and liveable!
(Theme: mobility)

Responsible data sharing

(Article by Lotte Duursma, community officer at Amsterdam Smart City)

If data is the new gold, how can we ensure that we can all benefit from the possibilities? The Amsterdam Data Exchange (Amdex), an initiative of Science Park Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board, could be the answer to this. This project aims to provide broad access to data to researchers, companies and private individuals!
(Theme: infrastructure & technology)

Can startups solve urban problems?

(Article by Willem van Winden, professor of urban economic innovation at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) took Amsterdam’s Startup in Residence (SiR) programme as a case study. They analysed it from an economic and governance perspective, taking into account whether it promoted and brought new opportunities to start-ups and whether it bridged the gap between start-ups and city bureaucracy. Due to the current surge in start-ups, this study remains very relevant!
(Theme: governance & education)

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