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alice zannini, Sustainability Consultant , posted

Future of Sustainability: Blockchain and Bitcoin

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Keep hearing about how you could have doubled your money if you had invested in Bitcoin just a few days / weeks / months ago? Want a better grasp of how blockchain works?
Curious about how all of this affects sustainability? What are the environmental costs of blockchain? What are the potential benefits?

We hear you.. That is why Green Insights, in collaboration with Impact Hub Amsterdam is presenting a Masterclass on the mechanics and sustainability implications of this promising new technology. Green Insights brings its expertise in tech and sustainability consulting to help you understand blockchain + sustainability better, and answer any questions you may have on it (As a wise man once said - "Ain't no such thing as a stupid question").

So come attend the talk to learn more blockchain, sustainability and the kind of projects we work on at Green Insights, and get a tour of Impact Hub - the amazing space inside the KIT Royal Tropical Institute that is home to hundreds of impact entrepreneurs and startups working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. End the evening with new entrepreneurial connections over some lip-smacking, specially-made 'Impact Beers' brewed by De Prael!

Spots are limited. First come, first served!

alice zannini's picture Event on Dec 14th