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jan van wassenaer, CEO , posted

The uprise of the innovative, green business youth. www.weglobots.com

As a young entrepreneur I notice that others always try to convince me to take a certain role in society. As a student however, I have the privilege of enjoying open eduction and professors who know what is right and valuable in the near future.

Together with some peer students at the IE business school in Madrid we have decided that the Spanish youth could be informed in a more modern manner about innovative ideas to enhance our quality of life. However, our main goal is to portray the fact that this life enhancing possibility can go hand in hand with a green and sustainable future.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to read some of our article, enjoy it and subscribe to our blog. More traffic means more exposure! Lets make sure this Dutch mentality takes hold in Spain! Please do not hesitate to share our webpage with friends and family with an alike mindset!

With kind regards,

Jan van Wassenaer


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