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Using machine learning algorithms to optimize solar products

Machine learning can be applied on a wide variety of purposes, due to the ability of this technology to improve products and autonomy. The use of machine learning in solar technology is however not common, but has proven to be very valuable.

One of the applications of these tools is to predict how much solar energy can be captured at a specific location, in order for the solar product to function optimally. In this way, the product can be configured and optimized according to the needs of each client. Predicting the amount of generated solar energy is not easy, since solar irradiation varies a lot all over the globe and is subjected to local climates. These effects can be analysed and products can be optimised accordingly, by making use of dedicated machine learning algorithms.

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Solar roof tile is one step closer to nation-wide distribution!

The highly-anticipated FlexSol solar roof tile​ will soon be made available for roofs in Europe. Traditionally, many houses in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, England or France are roofed by curved, ceramic tiles. Integrating solar cells into this curved shape and material can be quite a challenge. But the high demand for aesthetically-pleasing solar roofs makes this market extremely lucrative as well.

FlexSol Solution's patented solar panel bending technology is a perfect fit for the European standard of curved ceramic shingles. Ever since 2012, the company has been working on building a solar roof that combines the efficiency and reliability of this technology with the aesthetics of a traditional roof - with successful results. The FlexSol solar roof tile has entered the final stages of its development cycle.

The chairman of the Energy Agreement committee of the Dutch Social and Economic Council, former minister Ed Nijpels, therefore invited Koen Haest of FlexSol Solutions to present the latest generation of the solar roof tile. The committee stresses that one of the biggest challenges in meeting the goals of the Energy Agreement is making the existing housing stock more sustainable.

The FlexSol solar roof tile proves itself ready to meet the housing market's challenge. FlexSol Solutions is preparing to construct the first demonstration roofs in spring 2018!

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Self-sustaining Aruba

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The Soluxio solar street light developed by FlexSol Solutions will light the streets of the Smart Community Aruba: an experimental residential area where the latest sustainable innovations are demonstrated.

For more information on the public lighting products that will grace the streets of the Smart Community Aruba, visit www.soluxio.lighting.

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Smart City-ready solar street lights in Tilburg

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In the night of October 3rd, city councillor Mario Jacobs officially revealed two very special street lights in the city of Tilburg, the Netherlands. The two Soluxio solar light posts are the first off-grid solar light poles in Tilburg: a city that's one step closer to the future of smart cities.

Street lighting will play an important role in the cities of the future. A light post that generates its own energy can serve as a charging station for smartphones, notebooks or electrical vehicles or bikes. “In the future of the smart city, street lights will regulate traffic and measure air quality” says Lennert van den Berg, founder of FlexSol Solutions. The two Soluxio solar street lights could therefore play an important role in the city of Tilburg.

Like all Soluxios, the two solar street lights in Tilburg are connected to the internet wirelessly. The software and lighting scheme will receive updates through the online management platform. The masts indicate when maintenance is due automatically. Other smart city applications such as cameras or air quality sensors can be integrated in the future using the integrated data bus, giving the municipality maximum flexibility. The Soluxio is truly sustainable and ready for the future.

Read more about the solar street light installation in Tilburg.

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