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ICO Event Amsterdam - one of the first conferences in Europe dedicated to Initial Coin Offering. Business and educational platform for investors and startup founders participating in the ICO.

WEB SITE: https://goo.gl/Gc6ACX

Highlights of ICO event Amsterdam:

- release of tokens as a way to get investment;
- ICO from the investor’s perspective: how not to lose, but earn;
- regulation: current situation and prospects;
- practices, advice, business acquaintances.

The organizer is Smile Expo event company, which has developed the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network. Starting from 2014, the company has held 14 blockchain conferences in Europe attended by 10 000 visitors.

Our Blockchain & Bitcoin Сonferences: https://goo.gl/py6Huo

Алиса Исаева's picture Event on Nov 29th