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Erick Rivas Barrera, Entrepreneur , posted (CO2 neutral biological food delivery 2018) & (fair trade products in 2019)

We are looking for financial support (or subsidies) that can help us to launch this new IT service which offers a CO2 neutral delivery service. The suMMus platform and delivery services shall be available soon on mobile app and browser, expected pilot in Q1 2018. This is an ethical platform that provides CO2 neutral solution for the supply chain of biological and vegeterian food in the smart city of Amsterdam.

Our Ethical Fair trade platform which provides CO2 neutral delivery services shall also be used for fair trade products in next version (2019) where producer, retailer, consumer are facilitated with CO2 neutral transportation (delivery service using e-bikes & e-trickets).

We also like to give this application away for free to disaster zones where the need for logistics of food, shelter and additional nessesary products can be organized and delivered with a CO2 neutral transportation.

We are now implementing the first version for the food chain supply and want to launch this service in Amsterdam by Q1 2018. Cooperation with other projects of smart city is eventually welkome.

Erick Rivas Barrera,
Founder of

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