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Wendy Amsterdam, Project Manager , posted

Serious Game: Liquid Leadership

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(Sessions in Dutch and English)
The Marineterrein makes innovation possible: social and technological renewal that improves the lives of all. That sounds great, but what does that actually mean? The stubborn reality is about interests, power, influence and money. In order for something to really change, a new type of leadership has to emerge in which people deal with one another in a different way and new ideas get the chance to solve tomorrow's problems. In a serious game we explore this form of leadership in the liquid society: liquid leadership. First we play a simulation game of an hour. The participants play a role within a team and within the wider picture. Together the participants solve a problem. After that, we will look back at the experiences in a half-hour evaluation. For participation no extensive knowledge is required, only an open attitude and the readiness to participate actively.

Special sessions in English on Friday 8 september and Saturday 9 september (15.00-16.30) take place for invited guests. The game is one of many activities at the Ontdekdagen ('Discovery Days') of the Marineterrein.

Ontdek een nieuw soort leiderschap! Doe mee aan de Serious Game: Liquid Leadership. Kom op 8 of 9 september naar het Marineterrein in Amsterdam! Geef nieuwe ideeën een kans om de problemen van morgen op te lossen.

Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2049571681937385/
Info on website: https://www.marineterreintop.nl/

Wendy Amsterdam's picture Event from Sep 8th to Sep 10th