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Shvedenko Artem, CIO , posted

Collaboration with IT Innopolis University in Kazan, Russia

Hello, all! My name is Artem.
I'm studing at Innopolis University on the Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering, based on Carnegie Mellon University program.
Now I try to find an interesting project, where there is a demand/requirement in IT collective to improve some program products, smartphone Application, Web portal etc.

So, I am looking for 2 things:

-A customer (with whom we will work, someone who will give us information,
instructions, leads to make requirements to Agile cycles)

-A GNU program product ~ 50000 lines of code to work with it
Our collaboration is free. Of course we cant make the whole program product, but we can improve some parts. Maybe it could be a start to the next cooperation between our university and your wonderful city.

With warm regards,
Shvedenko Artem

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