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Susana MAURE PEREZ, maketing officer , posted

Intelligent solutions for Smart Cities

There are already circular economy and smart city solutions being implemented all around, check out how Stimergy that recycles the heat generated by data centers will help the city of Paris to reduce their carbon footprint by 45 tons a year and save 250MWh of energy

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Susana MAURE PEREZ, maketing officer , posted

The Business Booster

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TBB, The Business Booster by InnoEnergy

TBB. is a two-day international event connecting leading industries and bright minds
from business start-ups and SME’s. Showcasing over 60 innovative technologies in sustainable energy, TBB features also inspiring speakers on the latest trends in the energy sector.

This year the event topic will be "Accelerating Clean Energy Innovations". At the end of 2016, the European Commission released the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, a set of measures to boost the clean energy transition by providing a strong market pull for new technologies, setting the right conditions for investors, empowering consumers, making energy markets work better and helping us meet our climate targets.

One of the main key factors pinpointed by the Commission as an enabler of the change to a low-carbon economy, is the acceleration of clean energy innovations.

Strongly aligning with our mission at InnoEnergy to be key enablers of this acceleration, we have chosen this as the topic for the 2017 edition of The Business Booster – 25-26 October, RAI Amsterdam.

Susana MAURE PEREZ's picture Event from Oct 25th to Oct 26th