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Preliminary programme 8th edition 20 - 23 June 2017:

Day 1 - Tuesday 20th June

Start at Agriport A7 in Middenmeer (NL), most modern greenhouse Agropark in the world powered by geothermal heat
Visit Enexis + Enexis House in Zwolle (NL), new sustainable regional HQ of leading Dutch energy grid operator
Visit Energy Academy Europe in Groningen (NL), most sustainable education building in the Netherlands
Visit and networking evening Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl (NL), one of the largest energy production locations in the Netherlands
Day 2 - Wednesday 21st June

Visit and guided tour VW plant Emden (DE), factory tour production of the (electric) VW Passat
Visit Energiebunker in Hamburg (DE), transformation of a WW-II bomb shelter into a renewable energy power plant
Visit and networking evening at GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande (DE) with Renewable Energy Schleswig Holstein
Day 3 - Thursday 22nd June

Visit Greentech Center in Vejle (DK), Danish smart grid living lab
Visit Climate Planet in Aarhus (DK), a unique globe to visualize climate change with NASA technology
Visit Hydrogen Valley in Hobro (DK), hydrogen and biogas center to advance a green transition of the Danish energy system
Finish and networking evening House of Energy in Aalborg, cluster for sustainable energy in northern Denmark
Day 4 - Friday 23rd June

Individual journey home


visit the E-Mobil Rallye in Enge-Sande on Saturday 24th June with the first driverless EV contest!

Siebe Zwerver's picture Event from Jun 19th to Jun 22nd