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Azem Kariman, posted

ViNotion | Urban traffic data solution | Optimizing accessibility and throughput; enhancing safety for traffic.

In the Morgenstadt Smart City Solution competition ViNotion pitched their UrbanDynamics solution; our answer to increasing urbanization, complex traffic situations and multi-modal means of transportation. Increase the accessibility of a city by optimizing the traffic throughput of pedestrians, cyclist and vehicles and thus creating safer traffic situations based on automated image analyses with Artificial Intelligence.

By using a camera as a sensor we are able to realize high accuracy and reliability figures. Giving you specific dynamical insights into traffic data such as:
- speed,
- direction,
- flow,
- trajectories,
- position.
- density
- classification

Triggers like:
- stopped vehicle detection
- congestion
- fallen cargo
- near collision detection

- works in crowded spaces
- a single sensor for multimodal traffic participants such as pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles
- works under different weather circumstances
- can monitor specific geo spaces
- data is easy to compare
- open API

We appreciate the acknowledgment and look forward to onboarding the Morgenstadt Network to provide our solution(s) to the European cities in this innovative Network.

Get in contact for additional information or a plan an appointment:
Azem Kariman