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Eve (Evgenia) Logunova, Ambassador , posted

The Power of Chatbot

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Already a key player in driving digital transformation, chatbots and digital assistants are increasingly becoming the natural choice to scale up distribution of information and support, during the coronavirus crisis. After the pandemic, the use of chatbots for healthcare applications will continue to grow. As well, its deployment among businesses and governmental institutions. The two most authoritative voices of the pandemic, WHO and CDC, have also included chatbots in their websites to provide up-to-date information to billions on the spread of the disease and its symptoms. In the Netherlands, the main Use Cases are from RIVM and the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) with a high ratio of deployments visible across various industries. The demand for answers is just too high and over exceeds the human capacity.

The intuitive interface of chatbots presents a low-friction approach to disseminate critical and validated information to vast populations. Advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) have enabled conversational AI technologies and widened their reach, leading to tools such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home that are part of many consumers' every day lives.By attending our virtual WaiTALK “The Power of Chatbot”, you will hear live examples of multi industry use cases, plus also hear from our panel of experts as they share insights and advice as we navigate these uncertain times:

• Marcel van der Kuil, COO & Fitsurance - An overview on the digitalization due to COVID and examples of new tools appearing
• Maaike Groenewege, Founder of Convocat & Women in Voice – Best practices in conversation design and use cases of virtual assistants for Healthcare & Transportation
• Marion Mulder, Founder of MuldiMedia & Chatbot Project Manager at the Chamber of Commerce - the Use case of a chatbot for the Chamber of Commerce
• Francesco Stasi, Founder & Head of Partners at BotSupply – no-code Digital Assistants for the enterprise world

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