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Anna Knetsch, Student , posted

Looking for Internship in field of Sustainable Urban Planning; Sustainable Societies;

Within the scope of my studies I am looking for an Internship (up to 6 months) in the field of Sustainable Urban Planning; Green Cities; Sustainable Societies from November 2017 on. Currently, I am studying ‘Global Studies’ (MA) at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden with a focus on the field of ‘human ecology’ – a broad domain which initially engages in researching the impact of human societies on nature (anthropogenic environmental change) and which involves concepts/approaches on how to challenge a human-based world-view and how to make our societies more sustainable to change/transform this world-view and create more sustainable societies in the future. I very much focus on local sustainable development in terms of "green urbanism" (ecological&urban can go together) i.e. adaptation strategies of local communities to climate change which preferably involve urban planning/creating green spaces in urban areas (urban gardening/community gardens);behavioral change i.e. 'nudging' people into thinking about how they themselves could do something good for nature in their daily life's (take the bike to work/buy less meat/recycle/install solar panels/challenge food waste) as well as the possibilities of establishing and support local agriculture which enables a certain food security and sovereignty.
Amsterdam City seems to be very progressive when it comes to Sustainable Urban Planning and I would very much like to be a part of it for some time (during my internship), but could also imagine to make Amsterdam a long-term living option. Since there exist so many networks and organizations and collaborations in Amsterdam regarding my chosen field I am a bit lost and would appreciate it if you would help me out!
Thank you!

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