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Arjenne Bastiaansen, Project manager events , posted

NXTTCH 2017 – European Digital Innovation Conference

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NXTTCH (pronounced as Next Tech) is the first premium event in Europe that connects the corporate world to all kinds of disruptive technologies. NXTTCH takes place at June 27 at Bimhuis | Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.

Many companies are reaching out to start-ups that challenge the current business models. NXTTCH visitors are innovators that want to take this to the next level.

Over the next years we will witness a struggle to find the right business cases, to find ways to successfully transform your organization and yourself into a new era where co-creation and permanent beta will be central.

We are entering a next phase of the Internet where it is about BITS in ATOMS. Our physical world will be digitized rapidly. Where the last 20 years digitisation was key for media and information, this time our other side of our economy will be digitized with high velocity. Everything.

Is our society ready for this? Is your organization ready? Are you ready? NXTTCH will challenge you. With experiences, with in-depth debates and with a focus on getting down to the business case of things.

In parallel to NXTTCH we are organizing an international VIP Conference for CIOs, IT Executives and Digital Leaders: CIOCITY, the VIP congress for more than 400 international CIOs and IT Executives at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.

Arjenne Bastiaansen's picture Event on Jun 27th