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viviana cannizzo, community and event manager , posted

incubation, partnership, software implementation

Looking for synergies (partners, researcher, investors) to develop the project Sainthorto,
an interactive garden which thanks to Arduino and a good part of creativity, interacts with the environment producing a soundscape where the melody changes according to the environmental changes and the meteorological parameters shaping an always unique space. Sainthorto received already important acknowledgment and awards connected with the initiative where it took part like the Maker Faire Europe in Rome and the Architizer People Choice Award 2014 e 2015. You find the complete description of Sainthorto here:
We want to focus now on the development of applications that can improve the performance of Sainthorto and on the research of design solutions for urban spaces strongly connected with nature and empowered by technologies enabling dwellers to interact with plants.

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