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Juan Zhang, Entrepreneur , posted

Partners & Clients| To tackle urban design challenges in air, heat, water flow dynamics

Started in Delft, partnered with technical universities as TUE &TUD, involved in project with Den Haag Gemeente and international companies, we, CFD Alpha Tech, are a growing startup and currently looking for potential partners and clients for our service, Computational Fluid Dynamics to solve the challenges in Urban Design.

What kind of challenges?
With the technology and human capital in-house, we are able to create designs, analyze and evaluate in the field of flow dynamics, such as:

1. Air: A detailed of analysis on the quality of air and its flow dynamic through urban areas; the response of wind flow for building proposals or existing building dynamics;
2. Water: Analysis of rain water dynamics and evaluation on the flow routes.
3. Heat: Heat radiation patterns for building design; Urban Heat Island analysis and suggestions ( Urban Heat Island are areas in the city which are significantly higher than rural area due to human activity); Evaluation on outdoor setting to increase the indoor energy efficiency; Analysis whether the natural ventilation through a site is sufficient to mitigate heat and pollutant to achieve better human comfort in dense urban environment.
4. Ventilation Analysis: Analysis of various heating ventilation and air conditioning systems by inputting different diffuser types and locations, control schedules and supply air conditions.

What benefits does computational 3D modelling have in flow dynamics?
1. Time efficient
2. Possibility with different hypothetical scenario testing
3. Cost efficient
4. Accuracy

If you are interested, take a look on our website www.cfdalphatech.com. You can email me directly xjuan.zhang@gmx.com for inquiry. We wish all projects success for a more efficient economy, starting from Amsterdam!

Kind regards,
Xuejuan Zhang