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Andrew Green, Creative Director , posted

The Absence of Measurement - Photography by Andy Essem (A Circular Model of Art Ownership)

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Humans love measuring things, for thousands of years we've measured all sorts of items and phenomena from dress sizes to earthquakes so we could better understand the world, and get more context, context that can multiple or reduce a variety of emotions like happiness and despair.

With this exposition I (Andy Essem) wanted to create work that brings attention to the ways in which our daily lives are presently measured and quantified beyond just numbers. And by then removing the item of measurement from my images, just leaving the orange void, I ask viewers what is the item of measurement that's been removed? And how would it's absence effect the every-day moment that I've captured in the image?

I hope this series will help viewers question the need to measure certain things in their life. The saying goes "Less is more" and maybe that's relevant for measurement too.


Amsterdam is pushing to become the world’s first fully circular city. So rather than make my work about the circular economy I wanted to see if I could make my work part of the circular economy by using the method of Product as a Service. This is a concept used by Phillips to provide light instead of lightbulbs to Schipol airport.

I'm trying to address the lifespan and environmental impact of my work by making it available using this new economic model. All of the work at my show will NOT be for sale, but you can pay €5 per month to enjoy my work at your home or office for as long as you like, at which point you can return the work to me and receive a refund on your deposit. Once all pieces are returned to me they will become the basis for my second series of work.

Andrew Green's picture Event on Nov 20th
Andrew Green, Creative Director , posted

Listen To This New Podcast Series on Circular Economy

I just created my first podcast. It's a 30-minute chat with Rieta Aliredjo on how she teaches school kids about the Circular Economy. The exercises she uses are valuable to any business that creates or uses physical products.

Please give it a listen by hitting the link below. I'd love to hear your honest feedback so please either review the show on the iTunes link or leave a comment on this post.
Thank you!
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