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Rieta Aliredjo, Social Entrepreneur , posted

DIF: Empowering Kids to Be Circular Stars

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How do we involve kids and young adults with the circular economy?
There are many wonderful initiatives focusing on 21st century skills for kids and young adults. Initiatives cover a broad range of topics such as science, design thinking, programming, digitalisation, media and storytelling. Can the topic of the circular economy be the thread that connects these subjects to prepare kids and young adults even more for a life as conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in a circular economy?

Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF)
Stars are Circular will participate in the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). DIF is an online open-access event that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything? A panel of experts pioneering with the education of 21st century skills will open the dialogue with an online and offline audience to discover if and how specific skills tie in with the transition to a circular economy.

Remco Pijpers, Strategic Advisor Digital Literacy at Kennisnet
Michiel Dijkman, Head of Corporate Affairs at Samsung
Emer Beamer, Founder Designathon Works
Merel Mirage, Founding Director Stichting HOLY

Andrew Green, Host of The What If Waste Podcast
Rieta Aliredjo, Fouder and Chair Stars Are Circular Foundation

15:00 walk in and welcome
15:30 Introduction
16:00 Panel conversation connected live with the online audience of THINKDIF 2017
17:00 Drinks and celebrations

Rieta Aliredjo's picture Event on Nov 14th