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Amsterdam Capital Week

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A week not to be missed...

From 26th until the 30th of September Amsterdam and beyond will offer a full week program with over 25events, focusing on connecting all types of capital with both national and international startups and fast-growing scale-up companies. Last year Amsterdam Capital Week hosted over 500 worldwide investors, and over 2000 startups in various maturity phases.

Pitch, Meet and Learn

Amsterdam Capital Week’s aim is to tailor and match all types of capital supply and demand: Seasoned VC’s and corporate investors get together, while first time angel investors can follow a bootcamp to learn do’s and don’ts about seed investments. Early stage startups pitch their ideas to relevant parties and learn how to get alternative funding. And later stage scale-ups are invited to discuss oversea’s scaling strategies with arrived entrepreneurs and serial investors. By doing so, Amsterdam Capital Week strengthens the ties to every actor in the Startup- andInvestment ecosystem.

Anouk Bikkel's picture Event from Sep 26th to Sep 30th
Anouk Bikkel, posted

* Vrijmibo topic: Op je 30e met pensioen? *

Volg het voorbeeld van Chris Sacca. Hij investeerde op het juiste moment in Twitter, Instagram, Uber en meer. En, met jouw hulp komt ie in Amsterdam vertellen hoe dat afliep. Schrijf je in op deze lijst, dan gaan we crowdfunden.

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