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Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international network of circular economy professionals and organisations. CEC’s activity is non-profit, global and open, anyone can join the club online for free. The club has over 2,600 members, that are either professionals (designers, engineers, researchers, consultants, business leaders) or organisations (national networks, companies, academia institutions, NGOs and startups).

CEC exists to spur collaboration by connecting professionals, because together we can have a higher impact. The main activities are disseminating information and tools for circular economy professionals, providing mentorship to young leaders and startups and organising circular economy events.

Although the club was founded by Anna Tarí in London in 2014, CEC is ran voluntarily by engaged club members based all over the world who volunteer to coordinate CEC activities in their cities by applying to the Local Organisers program.



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Christoph Soukup, Circular Economy for SME's & cities at Circular Economy Club, posted

Circular City Challenge Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna

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The Circular City Challenge calls on innovators of the Circular Economy to find answers to the challenges of the transformation to a circular urban system.

To do so, @CircularBerlin, @CircularMunich, @materialkreislauf. und #circonnact  are going on a joint search for circular and innovative approaches to advance the Circular Economy in cities and to explore and implement promising solutions together.

Do you feel like this post was written for you? Are you working on an innovative solution that can support the transformation of cities to the Circular Economy?

Do you want to join a network full of innovators who share the same visions and interests? Do you want a real-lab where you can adapt your circular-enabled solutions as close to existing needs as possible?

Then we look forward to receiving your application for the Circular City Challenge!

By participating in the Circular City Challenge, you will advance both your own project and your local Circular Economy!

Through joining the challenge you will get  a unique chance to demonstrate the potential of your work directly to local stakeholders  within the Circular Economy. You will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of the cities to enable you to tailor your solution to the existing needs of the city.  On top of this, you will  benefit from the network of our established partners, which will contribute to and increase the reach and visibility of  your project.

For this,  your project should address at least one of the four key challenges of the Circular City Challenge: Resource Management, Digital Technologies, System Infrastructure and Consumption &  Awareness. We are looking for innovators who are motivated to help shape the local transition to a Circular Economy, be it local organisations, entrepreneurs or companies.

Did we pique your interest and now you want to be part of the Circular CIty Challenge? Then visit the Circular City Challenge website for more information on how to apply and to fill out the application form.

The application starts from 01.02. and runs through 31.03.22

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Joanne Lin, posted

Apply now to win a mentoring session with Prof. Walter R. Stahel!

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The Circular Economy Club has teamed up with Prof. Walter R. Stahel in a #CECMentors opportunity. If you get to be the winner of this exclusive opportunity, Prof. Stahel will be able to point you in the right direction, helping you to tackle specific circular-related challenges in a 40 minute-long video-conference mentoring session.

Considered one of the fathers of the circular economy movement, Prof. Walter R Stahel is a full member of the Club of Rome. Credited with having coined the expression “Cradle to Cradle” in the late 1970s and developed the Performance Economy approach, Stahel worked at developing a “closed loop” approach to production processes and founded The Product Life Institute in Geneva in 1983.

For more information, please visit the website:

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