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Since 2006, EURENSSA hosts a yearly conference for environmental science and sustainable development students to facilitate exchange of knowledge and skills. Organized by a group of students, the conferences aim to enable the upcoming generation of professionals to address environmental challenges. About 30 students from all over Europe connect in a range of activities such as participant presentations, guest lectures, workshops and excursions to research institutions.



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EURENSSA 2017, posted

Conference Location

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EURENSSA 2017 will take place at ADM, the cultural free haven in Amsterdam's Western Port. For more information see our website at

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EURENSSA 2017, posted

location for student conference/summer camp

The EURopean ENvironmental Science Student Association (EURENSSA) is still looking for a location to host our yearly student conference/summer camp. The event will take place from July 22nd to 29th 2017 in Amsterdam. For more information see

Location requires:
- space for 30-40 people staying in tents
- facilities (at least 2 showers and toilets. can be very simple ie. compost toilets)
- water and electricity
- should not be more than 20 minutes walking distance from public transport
- a room that we can use for presentations and bad weather activities
- either a kitchen or a fire place that we can use for cooking

EURENSSA 2017 is entirely organized by volunteers and has a small budget. Commercial camping grounds are therefore not an option. Preferably we would like to have the event on the land of an organization that shares our passion for urban sustainability.

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EURENSSA 2017, posted

European Environmental Science Student Association - Conference in Amsterdam 2017

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Eurenssa 2017 brings together international students to find ways to make our cities more sustainable. For one week, we create a space where we can share our knowledge, skills, and ideas about cities and how to transform them. Next to presentations and discussions, our programme contains workshops with some of the social and environmental initiatives in Amsterdam. By connecting students from different countries and disciplines, but with a common passion for solving environmental and social problems, Eurenssa 2017 contributes to a more sustainable future.

EURENSSA 2017's picture Event from Jul 22nd to Jul 29th
EURENSSA 2017, posted

Motivated Team Members

Are you an enthusiastic millennial, eager to spread the word of sustainability? Are you itching to help shape future leaders and build a new tomorrow?? If you currently live in or near Amsterdam and answered yes to the above questions, this is your chance to help organise EURENSSA 2017. We are specifically looking for a PR manager, a treasurer, and a few folks to join the logistics team. As the conference approaches we will also be in need of volunteers to help run the event (i.e. cook), so stay tuned if that sounds like something you’d be interested in.
Applicants ideally have experience and knowledge in some aspect of the field of environmental science, but if you have any useful skills/love the earth, please apply!

Logistics: We are looking for people to help us with all aspects of the event planning. This includes organising workshops, contacting potential lecturers, assisting with the application process, figuring out location logistics (sleeping, food, etc.); the list is endless

Public Relations Manager: Specific responsibilities include managing social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and basic website maintenance. Tasks will include blog writing, event advertising, and perhaps some general secretarial/organisational assistance.

Treasurer: If you're organised and great with budgeting, this is the job for you. We need someone who can keep track of expenditures, help get sponsors, and generally ensure that everything is done as cheaply as possible.

For all positions, you should:

Work well in a diverse team
Speak English (if you speak Dutch as well that’s a major plus)
Be in town from July 23rd until July 30th (and the months leading up)

If interested, please send your CV and a brief letter of motivation (200-300 words; introduce yourself, specify the position you're applying for, tell us why you’d be a valuable member, let us know why you’d like to join, etc.) to

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