location for student conference/summer camp

The EURopean ENvironmental Science Student Association (EURENSSA) is still looking for a location to host our yearly student conference/summer camp. The event will take place from July 22nd to 29th 2017 in Amsterdam. For more information see www.eurenssa2017.org

Location requires:
- space for 30-40 people staying in tents
- facilities (at least 2 showers and toilets. can be very simple ie. compost toilets)
- water and electricity
- should not be more than 20 minutes walking distance from public transport
- a room that we can use for presentations and bad weather activities
- either a kitchen or a fire place that we can use for cooking

EURENSSA 2017 is entirely organized by volunteers and has a small budget. Commercial camping grounds are therefore not an option. Preferably we would like to have the event on the land of an organization that shares our passion for urban sustainability.