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For years, Lightwell has been specialist in development of sustainable lighting systems, and since 2008, dedicated to LED lighting. Lightwell is a creative and innovative company. The main branches in which Lightwell operates are Public lighting and Retail lighting such as Fashion & Supermarkets.



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Virgil Warnars, Chief Sales Officer at Lightwell, posted

LoRa Smart Lighting + Lightwell

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The Marineterrein was keen on developing a living lab for new technology and smart city use-cases. Lightwell helped to realize this ambition by combining its Friso Kramer public lighting fixtures with the most promising Smart Lighting technology available: LoRa.
The LoRa technology is a point-to-point internet of things communication system that uses the free available 868mhz frequency. At the Marineterrein Lightwell and technology partner Ziut decided to use a private (non telecom) network to secure its open-source character but also to guarantee the lifespan of the system. This is interesting for large metropolitan area's if they have smart city ambitions because the availably of the network is more secure if the City runs its own network and isn't solely dependent on a network-provider like a telecom-company. LoRa technology is therefore a future-proof system to which al kinds of features (censoring, lighting etc.) can be added.
The whole system set-up is on show at the Marineterrein. The 42 fixture can't be missed because of the beauty of the design by Friso Kramer.
During the We Make the City event 20-24 June 2018 tours will be held to explain the system functionalities.

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