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Metabolic is a consulting and venture building company that uses systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges. We provide strategies and tools, crunch data, create new technologies, build pilots and scale up innovations. We empower people through education and communication and our Foundation helps us reach underserved communities. Our approach develops in response to emerging challenges and is recognized by governments, businesses and non-profits around the world.


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Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Nature Assessments Solution: Introducing Link by Metabolic Software

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This week, Metabolic launched its first SaaS solution: Link, by Metabolic Software!

After 10 years of helping organizations understand their impact on nature, Metabolic has created a way to automate this process to help more people faster.

Link enables companies to understand their impact and identify nature-related risks across their supply chain. It helps them mitigate negative effects, protect biodiversity, and find opportunities for sustainable initiatives

#natureassessment #LinkbyMetabolic

Beth Njeri's picture #Citizens&Living
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Metabolic CEO, Eva Gladek, was nominated for the Big Little Talk at Circularity 23!

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Creating a sustainable planet for future generations is essential, and understanding our impacts on nature is a critical step toward achieving this goal.

Unfortunately, measuring impact on nature is complicated and requires specific expertise. We need to combine impact data with geospatial analysis to really see where the different activities along companies’ value chains are taking place, and how those impact nature and biodiversity locally.

By voting for Eva's Big Little Talk, you will Metabolic showcase the importance of nature assessments on the big stage at Circularity 23.

It takes only 1 minute, vote for our video in the link below.

#circularity23 #LinkByMetabolic #natureassessment

Beth Njeri's picture #CircularCity
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

New research: 6 strategies for building homes in the Netherlands within planetary boundaries

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The Netherlands has a housing problem: Too many people, and not enough homes. The country plans to build 100,000 new homes each year through 2030.

But can the country build this much without exceeding our planetary boundaries?

In partnership with Copper8, NIBE, and Alba Concepts, Metabolic has proposed six strategies. When combined, these could reduce total CO2 emissions from construction by up to 33% and the use of raw materials by 40%.

Do you want to learn more? Find all the details in their newest research, which was presented last week in Amsterdam!

Beth Njeri's picture #Citizens&Living
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Event - Circularity 23

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Transforming our systems, structures, and strategies is crucial for a just, resilient world within planetary boundaries. It's time to unlearn linear systems and move from extractive to regenerative.

To dive into this discussion, CEO, Eva Gladek, and Commercial & Partnerships Lead - Agrifood & Biodiversity, Andrew McCue at Metabolic, will speak at Circularity 23 on June 5th - 7th, 2023, themed around accelerating the circular economy. This premier event, organized by GreenBiz Group, brings together professionals driving the circular economy.

Eva will share insights on innovative financing for the circular economy, while Andrew will discuss the importance of circular food supply chains.

More about the event in the link!

Beth Njeri's picture Congress from Jun 5th to Jun 7th
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Vacancy: Marketing and Communications Manager

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Are you passionate about sustainability and making a positive impact on the world? Do you believe in the power of communication to drive systemic change? Then Metabolic's MarComms & Design Team is looking for someone like you to support our work in Dutch and English!

Join our dynamic and multicultural team to work on innovative communication strategies that break down the complexities of sustainability and inspire action. As a brand advocate, you'll network to form media and communications partnerships that accelerate our impact and guide your teammates to create large-scale campaigns with high relevance and reach.

Excited about this opportunity? Submit your application OR circulate it widely to your networks.

#greenjobs #vacancy #sustainability

Beth Njeri's picture #Citizens&Living
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Bio-based renovation

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The primary reason to renovate buildings is to improve indoor climate quality and reduce environmental impact. This can be extremely effective, as 75% of buildings' CO2 emissions are released during the use phase. However, using non-renewable materials during renovation can be entirely counter-productive.

Check out this article to learn about bio-based materials in the renovation, and the obstacles to bio-based innovation.

Beth Njeri's picture #CircularCity
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

SoTecIn Factory

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SoTecIn Factory is launched!

Committed to improving the resilience and sustainability of European industry, SoTecIn Factory will support the transformation of industrial value chains to become low-carbon and circular.

Our goal? Build 30 mission-driven ventures distributed in 20+ European countries!

Make sure to follow their journey through SoTecIn Factory and find out more about the projects here:

Beth Njeri's picture #Citizens&Living
Andrei Beca, Aquaponics Greenhouse Operator at Metabolic, posted

In-Depth Aquaponics Teachings - Beginners

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Learn the basics of the Aquaponics farming method.

The workshop takes through our 85 sq m greenhouse that hosts various methods of growing with Aquaponics (Deep Water Culture, Media Bed, NFT, Dutch Buckets, Towers, and a Wicking bed - all part of the same system).

Of course, we will not forget the fish and we will take you through our basic aquaculture setup - 2 round fish tanks of 1000 L, each equipped with 750 L mechanical filters and the sump which also acts as a filter.
The course gives you a good start on the journey into aquaponics.

More info here ->

Andrei Beca's picture Masterclass / workshop on Sep 3rd