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With inspiring partnerships we can realise future growth and value.

Global logistics chains and trade networks are becoming increasingly entwined. Only by enterprising innovatively and working closely together with market parties and stakeholders, we will remain a valuable link in this global system. To this end we are building inspiring partnerships, designing new concepts and business models. It is how we can be an intelligent logistics link to the top European ports. A link that strengthens the logistics position of the Netherlands. A link that meets the character of Amsterdam. Our innovation challenges focus on energy transition, biobased/circular economy, logistics and port management.

Port of Amsterdam is a member of the Mainport Innovation Fund II. An investment fund that focusses on accelerate innovation
in logistics, transport and aviation. See website: http://www.mainportinnovationfund.nl/

Port of Amsterdam has started ProDock, a port based workspace aimed at providing a location for startups to scale up. For more information see: http://www.prodock.nl/


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Jelle Paulusma, Project Manager at Port of Amsterdam, posted

Amsterdam Circular Challenge 2017

Amsterdam is an urban mine for start-ups in the circular economy. There are plenty of opportunities to turn materials, emissions and data into valuable business. If you have a bright innovative idea or solution that meets the challenges of Amsterdam, do apply for this challenge before 1 September!

We select the best six ideas/solutions and invite them to pitch during the Amsterdam Circular Challenge Event on 27 September. The three winners are offered:
- free working facilities
- resources
- data and access to the network of CleanCapital and Amsterdam

It’s all waiting there for you!

To apply and more information on the Amsterdam Circular Challenge, please check: http://www.cleancapital.nl/event/amsterdam-circular-challenge/ to apply.

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Jelle Paulusma, Project Manager at Port of Amsterdam, posted

Testzone for waterborne drones

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At the innovation hub Prodock, a testzone is available for testing your sailing or diving drone.

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