Amsterdam Circular Challenge 2017

Amsterdam is an urban mine for start-ups in the circular economy. There are plenty of opportunities to turn materials, emissions and data into valuable business. If you have a bright innovative idea or solution that meets the challenges of Amsterdam, do apply for this challenge before 1 September!

We select the best six ideas/solutions and invite them to pitch during the Amsterdam Circular Challenge Event on 27 September. The three winners are offered:
- free working facilities
- resources
- data and access to the network of CleanCapital and Amsterdam

It’s all waiting there for you!

To apply and more information on the Amsterdam Circular Challenge, please check: to apply.


Jim Bowes's picture
Jim Bowes

Hi Jelle,
I mean Gemeente Amsterdam.
Great to hear that the port is putting sustainability ahead of goed koop! That is fantastic.
I love Amsterdam don't get me wrong but in my industry, I am very disappointed that they are not practicing what they preach. In my case, I could be a circular business but there is NO interest in this whatsoever. Big believer in the benefits of a circular economy. Great to see the Port of Amsterdam takes it seriously.

Jelle Paulusma's picture
Jelle Paulusma

Hi Jim, what do you mean with Amsterdam? Municipality of Amsterdam or the port?
In the Port of Amsterdam, we have policies for sustainable purchasing. So even if a conventional service may be cheaper, we can opt for a sustainable option. E.g. for our port patrol vessels we have chosen for more environmental sustainable fuel of GoodFuels.
I do not recognise your feedback, but if this is what you experience, that is indeed worrying!

Jim Bowes's picture
Jim Bowes

Great to see circular is moving forward.
I am able to offer my services (natural media) to Amsterdam in a nearly circular way. This would cost a bit more than if I offer them in a way that is not circular but still sustainable and even more is I just offered them as a business as usual.
When I ask Amsterdam if there would be any advantage to working circular or if it would put my company in a preferred position, the answer is no. When I ask if Amsterdam would prefer circular or lowest prices the response is always lowest price. Very confusing.
This falls under the do as we say not as we do column. So though I would love to build a circular business model to do so (my only client is the city of Amsterdam) doing so would actually put my business at risk of losing bids. When price is the main driver of rewarding business to suppliers, the business case for circular goes right out the door.
When there are business advantages for being a circle business, I will be very happy to take this most important step. But for now to be circular is to make my business less attractive to gemeente Amsterdam not more attractive. Go figure.