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Prodock is the plug & play pilot location for start-ups and scale-ups. Our aim is to create a dynamic ecosystem, where start-ups, flex workers, corporates and the Port of Amsterdam network meet and work together on the port of the future.



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Jelle Paulusma, Project Manager at Port of Amsterdam, posted

Amsterdam Circular Challenge 2017

Amsterdam is an urban mine for start-ups in the circular economy. There are plenty of opportunities to turn materials, emissions and data into valuable business. If you have a bright innovative idea or solution that meets the challenges of Amsterdam, do apply for this challenge before 1 September!

We select the best six ideas/solutions and invite them to pitch during the Amsterdam Circular Challenge Event on 27 September. The three winners are offered:
- free working facilities
- resources
- data and access to the network of CleanCapital and Amsterdam

It’s all waiting there for you!

To apply and more information on the Amsterdam Circular Challenge, please check: to apply.

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Jelle Paulusma, Project Manager at Port of Amsterdam, posted

Testzone for waterborne drones

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At the innovation hub Prodock, a testzone is available for testing your sailing or diving drone.

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