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Welcome back privacy!
Schluss is an app that puts you back in control of your personal information. You and only you decides who receives which information about you, however concise or elaborate. And, you can always delete that information whenever you want. All of it or only in part. Out of reach for everybody, a group, a person, or maybe that one particular company.

The information you entrusted your favorite web store with, provider, or which ever other company, is all up to date. But more importantly: when you log onto a website using Schluss, you can rest assured that your information will always be safe. That it will never be given or sold to others.


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Marie-José Hoefmans, Chief Essential Officer at Schluss, posted


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With Schluss you will have your own digital, multi encrypted digital safe. Which only YOU can access. Inside that safe you can store anything: from simple addresses to real complex medical and financial data. And the information that you decide to give insight to, can never be copied, transferred or sold. And it's always up-to-date.

We're building Schluss together: with technicians, companies, governments and individuals. Our software will be Open Source. We're building a community. A world wide cooperative where each Schluss-user is co-owner. To ensure that Schluss will always stay that independent, trusted third party.

Schluss software will be Open Source. The entity will be a cooperative.

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